Dynamo TCX Aircraft Aluminum Truck Campers

Ready For A Camper That Can Last A Lifetime?

The Only Aerospace & Aircraft Constructed Truck Campers.

A Concept, A Lifestyle, Our Vision, and Goals...


From a family of campers, who've camped and traveled not only all over the USA, but Europe and the Former Soviet Union, who know how to camp and travel without worrying about our campers having problems, having to deal with structural failures, and who understand what lightweight and super string structures are all about in the camping and traveling world, we're introducing the newest option in durable aerospace materials, blended with modern conveniences, and European mannered interiors that will make you feel at home, on the road, no matter where you decide to travel.

Consider this to be your invitation, to be one of the first in our generation, to enjoy a camper that you know will last as long as you want to own it, and when you decide to move up, move down, or pass your Dynamo TCX along to your children, that they'll be able to camp in a perfectly designed structure, guaranteed to be free of failures and leaks for 20 years, and will possibly be able to be camped in for 100 years or more.

Everything we do, design into our campers, add for your convenience, and choose for building these great truck campers, is chosen for its endurance and quality, its ability to last a lifetime. Materials like our aircraft skinned exteriors in true aerospace grade Alclad 2024 T3 aluminum, our exterior grade interior skin, and all our appliance and systems choices, from a combination of the yacht/marine, aerospace, and camping industries. Nothing is left to chance, the goal is to make the absolute best and longest lasting truck camper, and for you to be a truly happy camper in your new Dynamo TCX.

The Choice In Materials Makes The Difference!


Dynamo TCX, designed to last, built with a lifespan goal of 'forever' and backed up by using Alclad 2024 T3 aluminum.

The difference in our aluminum and what you'd usually see in camper construction, is that we chose the 2024 T3 because it's the same as what's used on actual aircraft, it's super strong, it's extremely corrosion resistant, and it's simply 'over doing it' when it comes to camper construction. No one else is using this material in this class of camper- and it makes sense why they don't- it's super expensive, a sheet of our aluminum costs about 6 times what the standard 3003 aluminum costs. Why are we doing it? We care, we want you to have a camper that lasts as long as possible.

A History To Follow, A Future You Can Depend On.

Dynamo TCX, Silver Streak, SilverStreak, Curtis Wright, Silver Streak Clipper, Silver Streak Trailer

People are busy developing driverless cars, flying cars, vehicles that talk and all kinds of amazing new things. As I look at what I've always camped in, and how they've endured 70 and more years, and are still able to be camped in today, which I've personally been able to renew the interiors on and use, camping thousands of trouble free miles in them.

The simplicity, of building something so strong, so durable, and so lightweight, is overlooked today. 6063 T5 C-Channel framing, all riveted fastening systems- no welds or screws or nuts and bolts in the whole structure, eliminates the chance of cracking and failures. Aerospace sealants are all we use on our seams and joints, so when we hand this great camper for you, your children, and your grand kids to use- we know you'll get the most out if. That's really what it's all about...